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5 Henley T-Shirts Must Haves

Henley 5 Different T-Shirts –

Attire decides attitude, and Men in casual attire look appealing and smart. This is one of the reasons why casual trend is always in. If you haven’t tried Henley T-shirts for casuals yet, then this is time.

Henley T-shirts have always marked a difference in style - the best alternative for regular T-shirts. You could wear them for a party, sports, school, college, casuals for office etc. We see many celebrities opting for Henley t-shirts over simple t-shirts or collared shirts, as they are perfect fit for events where you do not want to be too formal neither too casual or worse -out of style. A Henley t-shirt combined with a denim jacket and casual jeans make a perfect outfit to flaunt your built.

These T-shirts get their name from a small town in England named Henley-On-Thames. These were worn as uniform by rowers for their sport. Ralph Lauren marketed them in different cities in 1970s. Henley t-shirts are collar less men’s casual pull over shirts with a placket below the neckline usually having 2 to 5 buttons. These are half or full sleeved. Half sleeved Henley shirts resemble polo t-shirts.

Growing demand for these shirts gave rise to different models and styles. These shirts are mostly made in cotton or polyester or combination of both the fabrics. Synthetic shirts are also available. These shirts are cost effective, comfortable to wear and very easy to maintain. You should definitely try out the new trendy variations in Henley’s for a renewed new look. Here are some popular Henley T-shirts at Maniaclife.

1.Round Necked Henley T-shirts 
These are authentic form of Henley’s. They look smart, cool and very casual. These are round necked and in plain bold colors. These are usually half sleeved like the Floral Henley T-Shirt.

2.V Necked Henley T-shirts
These have ‘V’ neckline with placket usually having 2-5 buttons with both slits of different colors to add more style. These are half or full sleeved. The trendy Grand Royal Henley T-Shirt is just one among the many options available.

3.Printed Henley T-shirts
This new variant is marking a trend in fashion. They also come with some awesome quotes on the first half of the t-shirt. They add a little bit of theater and fun to the whole T-shirt. The Echo Print T-Shirt is a classic printed Henley.

4.Striped Henley T-shirts
These are t-shirts with stripes all over, usually full sleeved, crew necked and give you a sweater like look. They are simple and can be worn as undershirts for a layered look. The Maniac Henley Neck T-Shirt is one such Tee.

5.Patch/Multi colored Henley T-shirts
These are t-shirts with 2 bold colors, one around the sleeves and the other all over the t-shirt. These come with or without a pocket stitch and look really bold and stylish. Sometimes they also have some history to be discerned from their designs like the Aztec Henley T-Shirt.
Whichever Henley t-shirt you settle upon, you are surely going to be tempted to add a few more to your collection. Shop for the Henley T-shirts of your choice, of any design, color and style, at today.

Monday, 28 December 2015

T-Shirt Packs - A Budget Buy

T-Shirt Packs - A Budget Buy

T-Shirt Collection Online
Be a student, a professional or a self employed person. A Man can never be short of T-Shirts. T-shirts can be worn almost anywhere and for any occasion. They can be worn as single upper body apparel or they can be teamed up with other apparel and accessories. Some of you like T-shirts which are trendy and stylish. Some of you like T-shirts that are non-cluttered and simple. For all your varied choices, Maniaclife has an exhaustive T-shirt collection for your pickings.
Floral Printed Henley T-shirt

You could go for graphic T-shirts or styled T-shirts like the Floral Printed Henley T-Shirt. One type of T-shirt which you should surely have in your wardrobe are the Plain T-Shirts. Maniaclife has a wide collection of plain T-shirts in basic and pastel colors. You can team these T-shirts up with a pair of your favourite jeans and a trendy jacket to pull off a semi-casual look for office.

Solid Red T-shir

When your styling is limited to your imagination, why limit yourself to just 1 or 2 plain T-shirts. Go for plain shirts in various colors which you can combine with trousers, shirts and jackets for a casual look. You could also use your plain T-shirts as an undershirt on chilly days. On days when you have some strenuous activity planned, donne a plain T-shirt like the Maniac Solid henley T-shirt and work away.

Combo Pack Offer on T-Shirts

The best part of these plain T-shirts is that they need to be bought as single pieces. Knowing how often plain T-shirts are used, Maniaclife has come up with a Combo Pack offer on their plain T-shirts. V- Neck Full Sleeves T-shirts in pastel colors, Cotton Blend Henley T-shirts in basic dark colors and Full Sleeves Henley T-shirts in light and dark, solid and diffused basic colors, are available. They come in packs of twos, threes and fours. You can also opt for individual T-shirts like the Maniac Full Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt to add to your T-shirt collection.

The beauty of Combo packs is that your get more quantity for a lesser price. Take this Henley T-Shirt Combo for example. You get a pack of three for the price of two. It is a steal for customers who use T-shirts every day. Do not wait to to buy your T-Shirt Combo pack. Grab your Combo T-shirt pack at today.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas T-shirt at Maniaclife

Ho HoHo! The ringing voice of a portly Santa Claus ushers in the Christmas Festivities in the month of December. There is Christmas tree decoration, gift wrapping, baking yummy cookies and carol singing. As you hang the delicate trinkets and decorations on the Christmas tree, the lilting sounds of Christmas Carols fill the air. Carol Singing Groups pop up and go door to door entertaining people with fun and pious Christmas Carols. The best part of shopping at Maniaclife is that you can also decide on a Carol Singing Group uniform and have your exclusive t-shirts delivered at your doorstep in time for the carol singing.

Maniaclife brings you T-shirts in traditional Christmas colors of Red, White and Green. You can gift yourself and your family T-shirts in colors that are an embodiment of the Christmas Spirit.

Reds of Poinsettias and Holly Berries

Red adds the much need richness and warmth to all your Christmas celebration. An All Over Polka Printed T-Shirt in Red with pocket detailing is a perfect gift for your family for the Christmas portrait. You could even go all graphic with the Denim Print T-shirt in red. Team this up with your favourite jumper for your Christmas Luncheon. You should pick the Rough Scarf Print T-shirt to give your Christmas a stylish look.

Whites of Angels, Snow and the Northern Star

White is a color that is associated with happiness and joy during Christmas. You can never have enough white T-shirts. Gift yourself or your family and friends Trendy White T-shirts from the extensive collection at Maniaclife. Celebrate music with a Bob Marley T-shirt on a white background. If environment is your theme, pick the Echo Print T-shirt in white. For those who want a T-shirt that is multipurpose the Maniac Solid Henley T-shirt in white would be perfect.

Refreshing Greens of Mistletoe and Pines

Christmas is never complete with a little bit of green. Be it in your Christmas tree, mistletoes or the holly leaves, they all add a fresh feel to all the festivities. Pick out a T-shirt in a vibrant green for this Christmas. A Mario Printed T-shirt in green would be ideal for a simple Christmas Dinner. Pair of stylish green T-shirts likes the Cut Panel Round Neck T-shirt and the Aztec Henley T-shirt can be your gift to friends and family.

Indulge in T-shirts in all the festive Christmas colors this December at Maniaclife. Shop for yourself, your family and friends at Maniaclife today and avail amazing discounts. Merry Christmas!

Monday, 30 November 2015

How to Spot a Good Quality T-shirt Online

Apparel is the second highest in the list of things which people buy online. And T-shirts prominently figure in the expanded list. When you are shopping online for T-shirts, you have a much larger variety, ample designs and styles. You are bound to find a T-shirt that fits your need of the week

At a brick and mortar store, your choice is limited. When you shop at a brick and mortar store, you can feel the fabric and decide on the quality of the T-shirt. You can also easily determine the quality of the print, design and stitching. So what exactly do we have to look for while checking for the quality of the T-shirt? Here are some pointers.

1.    Fabric Construction

The construction of the fabric is one of the key determinants in deciding the quality of the T-shirt. The fabric should have round loop stitching as opposed to a stretched loop stitching. This will ensure that your T-shirt retains its shape even after multiple washes.

2.    Fiber Content

There are different types of fabrics used today for making T-shirts. The fabric range is from 100% cotton fabric to the polyester fabric. There are also fabrics which have different combinations of these two. There is spandex and lycra too among others. Depending on the weather and use of the T-shirt, you can decide upon the fabric. You can pick the 100% CottonEaglePrint T-shirt for everyday wear.

3.    Garment Cut and Construction

The cut of the garment will directly impact the way the garment is stitched. For properly cut garment will have all the fabric loops lined together with each other horizontally or parallelly. You will not find them to be distorted. If a garment is not cut properly, the T-shirt will twist at the seams during wash and remain twisted. The construction of the T-shirt should have stitches which are smooth, even and not broken. The stitches at the seams and neckband should be uniform and the hem should not be visible, unless it is the part of the design. You should try the Layered Stand Collar T-shirt which has top quality stitching.

4.    Shrink Resistance and Special Finishes

T-shirts should be shrink resistant up to 2%. Cotton T-shirts if not finished properly, tend to shrink more than 5% which is equivalent to a size change. Blended T-shirts tend to shrink less. New finishes are there today which make sure that the shrinkage in your T-shirt is minimal. You can go for Cotton Blend T-shirts like the Henley Black Half Sleeves T-shirt which has minimal shrinkage.

5.    A Strong Neckband

The neck band should have a firm fit ribbing or a nylon blend ribbing to ensure that it returns to its size after it has been stretched over the head. Try the Cut Panel Round Neck T-shirt that has a strong ribbed neckband which can stretch and return to its original shape easily even after repeated use.

6.    Size and Fit

Pick a size of T-shirt that easily goes of your end and falls effortlessly over your shoulders. It should have enough sleeve room. There are different types of T-shirt fits like the slim fit or tight fit. Their fitting differs from the fitting of a normal T-shirt. You should choose a size that you are most comfortable in. The Maniac Full Sleeves V-Neck T-shirt is a classic example of how well fitting T-shirts should be.

7.    Style and Decorations

T-Shirts come in different designs and styles. There are multiple collections dedicated to print, embellishments and embroidery. Then there are the plain simple T-shirts which are the best choice of all. For a simple design you can pick the All Over Polka Printed T-shirtfrom Maniaclife. If you like printed graphics, you should pick the New York Printed T-shirt.

But how can you do decide on the quality of the T-shirt when you are buying your T-Shirts online and cannot feel the fabric? Sadly this personal feel is missing when you shop online. But an easy ‘No Query’ Return Policy like the one at Maniaclife comes to your aid if you are not happy with the quality of the T-shirt. Shop for your well fitting, top notch stitched T-shirts at Maniaclife today.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Winter Fashion T-Shirts & Accessory Styles Shop On-line in India

One would think T-shirts are Summer wear. The light fabric and bright colors make it a perfect clothing for the sultry summers. But T-shirts are ubiquitous in their use. They can be used as easily in the Monsoon and the Winter seasons as they are used in the Summers. Maniaclife brings you different styles in which you can wear your T-shirts this summer.

1.    With a Woolen Scarf

Winters have a chilly nip in the air that make you feel cold to your very core. This is where the woolen scarves come to the rescue. Woven in the finest of wool, they not only keep you warm but are comfy and soft. Choose bright colored woolen scarves to wear around your neck to protect yourself from the cold. The Polka Dotted Henley T- Shirtwith a woolen scarf is perfect for a chilly day.

2.    Add a Plain Sweater

Fireplaces crackle to life in the winters. And the best thing to do is to curl up in front of the fireplace with a large mug of hot chocolate and an interesting book to read. A plain sweater on a NYC Collar T-shirtwould be a perfect outfit for your day indoors.

3.    Flaunt the Graphic Sweater

Winter outings are devoid of color. Everyone and everything looks colorless and drab. Add some designer touch to your outfits with Graphic sweaters. A dark checkered sweater over a Brightly Colored Rough Scarf Print T-shirt will give your surroundings and your day the much needed color.

4.    Under the Beanie Cap

Of all the body parts, the parts from which our body loses heat the fastest are the top of the head and the ears. During winters is a wise idea to keep them covered, to keep warm. The best way to do that is to put on your Winter Beanie Caps. These cute yet useful caps will cover your ears completely along with your scalp. Beanies come in a myriad of designs and colors. Choose a Bright Striped Beanie cap to go with your Black Humble T-Shirt to complete your Winter Funk Look.

5.    With an Overcoat

Overcoats are part of the apparel necessities for winter. They come in different lengths, fabrics and designs. Pick a Knee length military green overcoat lined with shearling to give you added comfort and warmth. Wear a Turquoise BlueAztec Henley T-shirt underneath for a dab of color on the dull color palette of the coat.

There are many other accessories like the umbrella, gloves, long boots and hand puffs with which you can pair your favoriteManiaclife T-shirt even in the chilliest of all Winters. Maniaclife has an updated and wide collection of Winter Color T-shirts. Buy your Winter T-shirts from Maniaclife today and avail the excitingFestive Season Discount Sale with upto 70% off! Shop for the upcoming festivals at Maniaclife today.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Have a Safe & Colorful- Diwali with ManiacLife Stylish Cotton T-Shirts!

Diwali is the favorite festival of millions of Indians all over the world. Rightly called as the Festival of Lights, it is characterized by the lighting of umpteen lamps and bursting fire crackers throughout the night. Young and Old equally enjoy watching the fireworks lighting up the new moon sky. Sustain this joy for a longer time by being safe this Diwali. Fire Crackers though a delight, can be hazardous.

Here are a few tips for a Safe and Fun Diwali

Do’s for Diwali

1.    Always burst crackers on the ground.

2.    Keep water buckets and blankets handy in case of accidents.

3.    Children should light firecrackers under the supervision of elders.

4.    Wear cotton clothes which do not easily catch fire - like the stylish Maniaclife T-shirts.

5.    Always wear footwear that covers your entire feet, while bursting crackers.

Dont’s for Diwali

1.    Do not wear silk or other easily flammable fabrics while bursting crackers.

2.    Never burst crackers on the roads.

3.    Never burst crackers bare feet as there is a chance of firecrackers causing burns.

4.    Do not scare people by throwing firecrackers at them.

5.    Never use outdated fireworks as they tend to explode and cause burns.

Exercise restraint and care while bursting crackers with friends and family. Accidents can happen anytime. But accidents that may cause body burns can be prevented by wearing cotton clothes that are relatively fire resistant. Just because it is cotton, does not mean, it should not be stylish. The stylish cotton T-shirts from Maniaclife are an ideal choice for Diwali. You can opt for bright colored cotton T-shirts like the Grand Royal Henley or the Layered Stand Collar Yellow T-shirt. You can also choose from sober blacks and other myriad of colors. Wear them with your favorite jeans and add a cotton scarf to protect yourself from the fumes of the fire cracker. This is not only a safety measure but also a stylish accessory.

Shop online,for a stylish and safe Diwali with trendy cotton T-shirts from Maniaclife today. Happy Diwali!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Winter Styles for Long Sleeves T- Shirts

Winter is knocking on the door and everyone is busy stacking up on their winter wardrobe. One of the Men’s apparel that can be found in plenty, this time of the year, is the Long Sleeves T- Shirt. They are ideal to protect you and keep you warm throughout the chilly, windy days. Just because they are practical attire, it is not devoid of fashion quotient. In fact, the Long Sleeved T- Shirts are one of the most stylish T- Shirts for winter. This can be attested by the fact that many designers and brand houses have exclusive winter collections of various versions of the Long Sleeves T - Shirts. Here are a few ways you can dress up this winter in some trendy Long Sleeves T-Shirts.

1.    Layer it up!
Layering up not only keeps you warm but gives your Long Sleeved T - Shirt a distinct style. You should wear two different kinds of T-shirts together for the layered look to work. You can try a Dirty Orange Round Neck T - Shirt and over it a Dark Grey Henley Full Sleeves T- Shirt. The top of the round neck T-shirt will be visible through the Henley’s neckline giving it a perfect layered look!
2.    Pair Them the Classic Way
Pairing up T- Shirts is a casual and comfortable way for men to dress. You can try wearing the Dark Blue Polka Dotted Henley and then pair it with a White Polo Neck T- Shirt to give a classic contrast look. Complete the hip look with some stylish blue denims and sneakers. This ensemble is would be perfect for the chilly night outs with friends.
3.    Swap It
Usually half sleeve T- Shirts are worn as a base layer for casual shirts. You can take it up a notch and swap them with Long Sleeved T-shirts. You can keep it simple by choosing a light color like the Light Grey Long Sleeve T- Shirt or pick a color that will highlight or coordinate the color and design of the casual shirt. You can roll up the sleeves of the casual shirt to show off your style panache with the layer underneath.
4.    Toss them in with Coats and Jackets
You can also wear the Long Sleeves T-shirts standalone in a myriad of colors like the vibrant Orange Long Sleeves T - Shirt. Don beige or light color coat over it and complete your suave and elite look.
5.    Scarves and Stoles
Men Scarves and Stoles are very much in demand during the winter season due to the warmth they provide to the exposed necks. Make these practical pieces of clothing into stylish wraps with Long Sleeves T-shirts. Put on a Berry Colored Long Sleeves T- Shirt with a black checkered scarf, light blue denims, a grey beanie and long boots to complete your Winter Look.

You can experiment and try with different colors of Long Sleeves T- Shirts and come up with styles that work best you the best. You can browse for your Long Sleeves T- Shirts from Maniaclife. Our Autumn Sale on Full Sleeves T - Shirts is “ON” in full swing. Buy your winter T- Shirts at Manicalife today.